The future of telematics is here. Say hello to Video Telematics!

Video telematics does what GPS tracking systems alone cannot do plus more. Adding dual-lens cameras or AI dashcams to your fleets will change the way you track and monitor them. It's not just telematics, it's video telematics! Experience what it’s like to go beyond tracking with our video monitoring solutions.

Choose the right video monitoring solution


Watch over your fleets and drivers at every turn of the road. Stream live video footage from multiple cameras using our video telematics solution.

Driver Monitoring

Safer drivers mean safer fleets. With a Driver monitoring system, you get to know how well your drivers are performing. Slow down, pause, and look at driving violations.

Advanced Driver
Assistance System

Created with the intention of reducing accidents, advanced driver assistance systems can give you a complete view of the roads and surrounding traffic.

An award-winning video telematics system is here to help!

The best time to integrate video telematics into your fleet management software is now

Level-up your GPS tracking software with AI video telematics

Driver Monitoring System

Safer drivers mean safer roads

Be the first to know if your driver uses a cellphone, smokes in the car, or dozes off while driving. Driver monitoring systems make use of in-fleet, driver-facing dash cameras. Equipped with LED detectors, these cameras track your driver’s eye movements and head position.

  • Identify distracted or drowsy drivers
  • Details about driver’s current location and route
  • Increase driver alertness and chances of collision

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Your fleet’s new best friend

The rising number of road accidents is a big concern for fleet managers. Road fatalities, expensive fleet repairs, and hours of legalities are enough to scare anyone. This is why you need to equip your fleets with ADAS!

  • Navigate safely through lane changes, parallel parking, or rush-hour traffic.
  • ADAS predicts a possible collision and warns drivers about it.
  • Without a doubt, ADAS makes your fleets safer than ever!
See what you get with ADAS

Lane departure guidance

Forward collision warning

Blindspot detection

Lane change assistance

Intersection Assistant

Hill descent control

Wrong-way driving alert

Intelligent speed adaptation

Lane centering


Questions to ask before you invest

How does video telematics work?
Video telematics combines video data with vehicle telemetry data to give you a comprehensive view of your fleets. Multiple cameras like driver-facing, road-facing, or cargo-facing, get installed into the fleets. These cameras transfer data to a cloud. This data gets analyzed and presented to the user on our fleet management platform.
How to view DMS events?
A driver monitoring system generates events for violations like:
  • Using the mobile phone while driving
  • Yawning or drowsiness
  • Smoking inside the car
  • Distracted driving
These violations can be replayed in playback mode. Select an object from the object list on the live-tracking screen and click on the playback mode (center of the screen). By selecting an appropriate time frame, you’ll see the trip’s playback. Click on alerts along the historical route. When you do so, a video snapshot of the violation will be displayed.
Is Uffizio’s video monitoring solution customizable?
Yes! You can customize alerts, driver scorecards, and even ADAS/DMS reports on our fleet management software. It is always good to choose a configurable solution because without it you can do very little to improve driver performance.
Why is GDPR compliance important for video monitoring solutions?
Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and data is important for organizational trust. Especially when your drivers are getting recorded day in and out. Always choose a GDPR-compliant solution so your drivers know that their video footage is in safe hands and cannot be misused.
How many alerts are offered under ADAS?
Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, is the term used to describe safety functions that improve driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety. It does so by reducing both the severity and frequency of road collisions.

ADAS can warn drivers of potential dangers and help them correct their actions before it is too late.Here is the list of alerts we offer under ADAS:

  1. Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  2. Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  3. Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW)
  4. Forward Vehicle Start Alert (FVSA)
  5. Headway monitoring Warning (HWM)
  6. Traffic Sign Recognition Warning (TSR)
What are the benefits of integrating video telematics into an existing tracking system?
  • Driver coaching
  • With intelligent insights and contextual evidence, you can train your drivers in real-time by providing in-fleet assistance.

  • Reduce theft
  • Protect your precious cargo and goods in transit with us. Make sure they reach their destination without any tampering or pilferage.

  • Compliance and customization
  • Customization tools offered by Uffizio help you establish and meet your company's compliance goals.

  • Video Evidence
  • In case of an accident, provide video evidence and exonerate your drivers from faults.

Experience a whole new level of transparency with video telematics.

Adding cameras to your fleet management system will forever change the way you track and monitor your fleet.