Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Always stay updated about the tire pressure of your vehicles.

Are you keeping an eye on the tire pressure of your vehicles regularly? If NO then, let us tell you about how these things affect the performance of your fleet.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

As the name suggests TPMS monitors the pressure of each of the tires of the vehicle and provides you real-time updates in case of any unusual increase or decrease in the tire pressure and the temperature.

Sensors attached to the tires sents the temperature and pressure data to the GPS device through Bluetooth connectivity. Then, the GPS devices communicate with the server in order to transfer those data to the server.

When the pressure of the tire is low or high the threshold configured on the system generates an alert. This alert makes you understand the stability of tire and thus protects from future damages.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Trakzee can help you maintain tire pressure.

TPMS monitors the tire pressure and its temperature. It will continuously monitor the pressure and alerts if the variation is found. Here you not only get the pressure of tire but can also know the temperature inside the tire. Thus, it helps you to make most of your tires. And in turn efficiency of your fleet will be increased and the maintenance cost will be decreased.

In short, Analyzes change in tire pressure before and after loading the fleet. It generates instant alerts when variation in pressure and temperature is detected.

Trakzee goes a step forward in providing various detail and summarises reports dedicated to TPMS. You can also see the status from the live tracking screen quickly.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Avoid manual monitoring

TPMS continuously monitors the tire pressure. Thus, it ends manual monitoring and, saves time and manpower.

Fleet safety

TPMS increase road safety by maintaining tire pressure. As, it improves fleet handling, reduces damage and decreases the distance of braking.

Improves fuel efficiency

Reduces fuel wastage that occurs due to inflated tires, thus increasing fuel efficiency.

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