Temperature Monitoring

To measure the temperature of fleet.

Have you ever faced the problem of goods damaged due to the incorrect temperature of the container? It’s partially not your fault as the temperature is always checked before the beginning of the trip. As an individual it’s difficult to check the temperature of the storage again and again all through the way. So what solution did you find?

Fleet, Container and Asset Temperature Monitoring System

The temperature monitoring system is the best option for measuring temperature throughout your trip.

You can do the calibration of temperature sensor on the Trakzee platform. Add the conversion factor value for the data gathered from the sensor.

According to the calibration, changes in voltage are detected, converted to temperatures and then the data is sent to your platform. Thus, you get a productive result.


  • Protects storage products even in long trips.
  • Generates the alarm when temperature is above or below the range. Also sends alert for your understanding.
Daily Vehicle Temperature Monitoring

It’s important for you to monitor temperature for keeping the assets in good condition. Moreover, temperature monitoring system should be a part of the storage containers.

Trakzee’s temperature monitoring system monitors the temperature of the fleet’s storage area. It collects the data gathered by the sensors and creates a systematic data for your understanding.

Moreover, alerts will be generated when temperature variation is found. You will also get reports like temperature summary and status are generated for your understanding.

Vehicle Temperature Monitoring Report


Quick actions

Get on-time alert for all the temperature changes. This enables to take action on-time and thus, prevents damages.

Improves customer service

When you efficiently monitor temperature changes, the customer will not face the problem of damaged goods and thus, customer service will improve.

Better temperature controlling

It enables to keep control of the storage temperature even when you are away from the fleet.

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