SOS Panic Button

A life saving alert.

The safety of a driver is an important aspect. You must have used different alerts for fleet safety. But now it’s time for you to buckle up and take measure for helping drivers during the emergency.

SOS Alert Panic Button For Fleets

Whenever the driver clicks on SOS, the help alert is sent to the authorised user.

As per user’s choice, alert will be sent via notification, SMS or Email. You can receive data like vehicle detail, the time when button was pressed and location of the incident. Thus, you will be able to contact the driver or send help on the location.

The SOS button is installed where the driver can easily reach but not easily visible by others.

SOS Alert Panic Button For Fleets

Most of the time drivers work alone and so it becomes difficult to provide them help at times. So, get the SOS button with Trakzee.

SOS is an emergency help button that can be used by drivers in emergency situations. This is a very simple procedure for getting help on time. With a click, help requirements will be sent to the authorised person. Thus, in emergency driver will not have to call you, but just use SOS button.

SOS Alert Panic Button For Fleets


Saves your driver’s life

A simple method to get help for the driver in case of emergency. Here the authority will be alerted and thus be able to take quick action.

Improve the company’s help service

Ensuring safety of drivers and providing emergency help and thus, make a step towards better help service.

Alerts multiple recipients

Trakzee enables to add numbers of various people who will be alerted in case of emergency. Single emergency alert will be sent to multiple users at the same time.

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