A fuel management system that saves you

Fuel makes up for 1/3rd of your total transportation costs. And if you don’t monitor fuel levels, you’ll end up paying more. That’s why we’ve equipped our fleet management software, Trakzee, with a fuel management system that can lower your losses with accurate data and practical alerts. Are you ready to save big?

  • Bring down fuel costs by 30%
  • Improve fuel mileage and economy
  • Prevent fuel thefts and fraud

Use this fuel management system
if you want to reduce your fuel costs!

Let’s not waste your time anymore and quickly tell you how you can cut down your fuel costs.

“With us, you won’t believe how easy fuel it is to manage your fuel costs and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!”

86% of fleet managers globally are using fuel management software because they know that fuel monitoring can reduce their fuel expenses.

  • A fuel monitoring system gives you insights into fuel consumption, fuel drain, and refueling
  • With the right tools, you can measure & track how every
    single drop of petrol gets utilized
  • Equipping your fleets with a fuel monitoring system means they will never be a target for fuel theft again. Eliminate theft or gas-station frauds by almost

Fuel management for Petrol pumps

  • Fuel refill stations need to stock up on petrol & diesel in bulk. This economical decision saves them from the process of daily restocking.
  • However, this also means that they need to monitor the quantities of stored fuel. They need to know when fuel levels are low & keep track of their daily fuel sales.
  • With our fuel monitoring system, you monitor fuel levels in real-time & get SMS alerts when fuel levels are low. You’ll be able to check on your fuel inventory and restock as needed.

Diesel Generator (DG Set) Monitoring

  • Monitor the consumption of diesel fuel.
  • Track run hours, refills, and battery voltage of your diesel generator.
  • Get notifications for generator overheating, low fuel levels, or a sudden decrease in fuel levels.
  • Measure the efficiency of your generator and get maintenance reminders for better performance.

Fuel Monitoring for ships and vessels

  • Get accurate fuel sensor data, even in distant seas.
  • Intuitively calibrate fuel sensors to our fuel management solution and access accurate reading every time.
  • Experience zero data gaps. Raw data gets saved and can be retrieved when the connection improves.
  • Monitor multiple tanks at the same time and get notifications for fuel theft.

Monitoring for tanker trucks

  • Tanker trucks are often used to transport fuel. 53% of tanker truck overseers have reported the theft of fuel during transit.
  • Such thefts can affect your business’s bottom line and dip your profits.
  • To avoid this, use a fuel monitoring solution for petrol and diesel transfer.
  • Get immediate alerts for the opening of the tanker door and theft.
Zero Fuel Wastage

Prevent fuel wastage by limiting idling or rash driving.

Better Mileages

Distance and time-based mileage calculations.

Eliminate Fuel theft

Get real-time alerts for fuel thefts.

Accurate fuel data

Know exactly how many liters of fuel were consumed by each vehicle.

Get definite results

Benefits of choosing our fuel management system

Say hello to a globally approved fuel-level monitoring system. It has tools you can use to manage fuel consumption. See how this telematics wonder can save you money.

Finally, a fuel management software that works just for you!

Our fuel monitoring platform supports multiple sensors, so compatibility issues don’t slow you down!

Fuel level sensor

They are perfect for reliable monitoring of fuel tank levels. No guessing—just straightforward, real-time data. You can easily calibrate fuel sensors with us. Our software is hardware-independent and works well with the sensor of your choice!

Ultrasonic fuel level Sensor

UFLS is perfect for contactless fuel monitoring. Dealing with complex machinery or geometric limitations? If yes, then UFLS is your friend. Our fleet management is compatible with it & enhances its accuracy by providing real-time data.

CAN device

Don’t want to invest in a fuel level sensor or additional hardware? No, problem. We can still help you monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption through a CAN bus. We’ll calculate actual vehicle mileage & fuel economy.

Fuel Receipts

No sensor? No CAN? We will still help you keep track of your fuel usage. Simply enter the fuel re-fill amount, or add receipts, along with the date of refueling. Based on the distance traveled, we’ll calculate the fuel consumption economy.

International Presence

The global enterprise you can trust

Uffizio has been providing powerful GPS tracking software and fleet management solutions for almost 20 years now. We continue to stand tall in the telematics industry and the numbers below justify it rightly.

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Questions to ask before you invest

What makes this fuel management solution so unique?

We’ve easy-to-read reports and charts which help you track fuel to the last drop. Our real-time alerts and fill-drain graphs help you quickly identify fuel thefts. What’s more, is that you’ll be able to notice how driver behavior affects fuel economies and use that information to your advantage. Lastly, you can keep track of fuel receipts—so you always know your fuel costs per mile.

How can a fuel management system cut my costs?

YES! And we can’t stress this enough! Tracking your fuel spend can save you money. It reduces and eliminates misuse and theft while providing the ability to get accurate data that supports fleet maintenance and financial decisions.

How many types of fuel alerts do you offer?

We have alerts for fuel refill, fuel theft, pilferage, and fuel sensor tampering. Besides these, we also have alerts for reckless driving like harsh braking, acceleration, overtaking, idling—which can help you identify poor drivers. (who might be costing you and your business)

How easy is it to calibrate my sensor to fuel management platform?

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to calibrate any fuel sensor to Uffizio’s fuel management system. Our fuel sensor calibration screen is intuitive and requires a simple data entry. The time to calibrate your fuel sensor depends on the size of your fuel tank and the level of accuracy you desire.

Is these fuel level sensors accurate?

YES!! Our software offers unbeatable accuracy and real-time fuel levels. We’ve worked for years to master fuel management and we feel confident in our software’s ability to prevent fuel thefts.

Any downtime in the transition between the old and my new fuel management software?

Ideally, no. You should be able to see a seamless transition. We have a documented framework and a dedicated team—just to help you with the migration procedure.

What’s Uffizio’s business model?

We are a B2B company and we follow the distribution model.

What kind of customer support does Uffizio offer?

Our customer support representatives work 24/7. They are quick in solving operational issues & providing software integration services. We truly are just one call away!

You are probably spending more by not using our fuel monitoring system

Manage your fuel resources & discover ways to bulldoze your fuel expense