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Fleet maintenance Reminder

Remind yourself about all the maintenance.

Can you remember each and every vehicle’s maintenance date? Do you know which vehicle was maintained last time? Do you remember after how many days which vehicle will need maintenance? This is nearly impossible.
So do you have any solution for this?
Trakzee has the answer.

Schedule and Manage your Fleet Maintenance Reminder

Trakzee reminds you about fleet maintenance by continuously monitoring the fleet. It keeps track of each and every part of the vehicle for preventing massive damages.

In maintenance reminder, add month, distance or hours after which you want to do the maintenance of the vehicle. As per your requirement, you will get a reminder of selected maintenance type. Here you can also add the reminder for a bulk of objects at the same time. So you won’t have to waste your time by individually adding the same maintenance reminder for each and every vehicle. The reminder will be sent to you via SMS or Email.

Now get this precaution and prevent the damages.

Schedule and Manage your Fleet Maintenance Reminder

Trakzee keeps an eye on each and every part of the fleet and reminds you about the maintenance whenever required.

You can choose any maintenance type that you want to be reminded about. Here you get various maintenance reminder options.

This not only reminds you about the particular maintenance but also generates the report for its reminder status. Thus, it prevents fleet from future damages.

Schedule and Manage your Fleet Maintenance Reminder


Lesser fleet downtime

On time maintenance can reduce the chances of severe damages and thus, keeps fleet in good condition.

Reduce expenditure

Reminder helps to provide maintenance as per fleet requirement, due to which it eliminates fleet damages and repair cost.

Advanced maintenance reminder

It helps remember about the maintenance in advance, thus you will never miss any of maintenance.

Ready to optimize your fleet business ?