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Digital Tachograph

Well-organised system to monitor driver performance.

Collecting data of tachograph of fleet is a waste of time and manpower. So, it’s time to get an advance solution for your company.

Digital Tachograph - Monitor Fleet Driving Speed

Digital card reader will read the tachograph company card which is inserted in it and send the data to your company's computer.

The tachograph is connected to the GPS device. Configure your tachograph to Trakzee platform. Then you will be able to get the fleet data on your device. Here, you can schedule different time for receiving data of driver card and tachograph. As per the time schedule, Trakzee sends the request to the tachograph for downloading data. The GPS device receives permission for downloading the data with the help of company card. Then the data is sent to Trakzee platform.

You can gather data with three methods:

  • Sent data automatically
  • Download manually from web
  • Receive data with the card reader application.

Digital Tachograph - Monitor Fleet Driving Speed

In many countries of the world and mainly in Europe, tachograph is used in fleet to monitor their driving speed, distance and stoppages.

The system helps the fleet managers and operators to analyse and to manage the data collected from the tachograph for ensuring driving behaviour. It periodically checks the recorded data and updates this real-time status in the form of reports to keep track of driver activity.

Moreover, it delivers data for a better understanding of the driver’s performance which includes:

  • Registration number of your fleet
  • Speed of your fleet
  • Working hour during which driver card was inserted
  • Travelling distance of fleet
  • Activity of the driver like driving, rest and breaks
  • Fleet events like over speeding, tampering and stoppage.

The user can easily download these data from any location in form of pdf and xls data. This enables to save manpower and time.

Digital Tachograph - Monitor Fleet Driving Speed


Accurate speed and distance record

Generates accurate reports and graphs to monitor travel speed, and distance covered by the fleet.

Know the driver’s activity

Get data of each driver’s working hour, driving duration, rest time and hours of availability.

Multiple activity reports

Various reports of fleet and driver activities are available for better understanding.

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