Advanced Driver Assistance System

Uffizio’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) comes integrated with fleet management software and will empower your clients with a world-class assistance system and will become the driver’s best friend guiding them through lane changes, parallel parking, or rush-hour traffic. 


How Uffizio’s ADAS technology will change the entire driving experience

  • The trucking industry is vulnerable to high insurance rates and accident lawsuits hence with ADAS it becomes easy to claim insurance with video proof.
  • Recognizes traffic signs, vehicle lanes, the distance between two cars, or even the levels of a driver’s alertness!
  • Vehicle or pedestrian collision warning. It issues the Pedestrian collision warning when the possibility of a frontal crash with a pedestrian is detected.
  • It helps to understand driving patterns and identify distracted drivers and provides feedback.
  • Improves vehicle efficiency and improves fuel economy by detecting driving behaviors. 
  • Furnish drivers with the knowledge they need for safer and more efficient driving.
  • Eliminate money-draining practices for higher profits.
  • Understand fleet utilization, idling, and productivity trends.
Feature_eco driving
  • Video footage of moments leading up to such reckless driving behaviors gets recorded and is made available for review.
  • Record and playback routes are available.
  • Video recordings can be easily downloaded according to the required dates at any point in time.
feature_event clips
  • Get instant insights into video recordings anywhere, anytime as we offer mobile app support.
  • Hours of live-streaming clips and driver evaluation get stored on a cloud-based platform. We assist with quick and easy downloads of all video recordings.
  • The live tracking screen provides all the insights into the fleet and driver status.
mobile app support
  • Get instant violation and blind spot alerts through SMS, email, and web notifications.
  • Lane departure guidance. It alerts the driver when they drift off their lane. The warnings continue until the driver takes corrective actions.
  • Fleet Managers are provided with detailed analytics on drivers’ performance to zoom into critical issues and respond proactively.
alert and report

Seamless Integration with Hardware of your Choice

Uffizio has an extensive hardware partner network. Your clients are free to choose any hardware according to their tracking needs and get our software integrated. Be rest assured that your clients won’t ever face compatibility issues.

Benefit your clients with this telematics wonder

blind spots

Detects lane departures and objects in blind spots

collision warning

Forward vehicles and pedestrians collision warning

Reduce insurance

Reduce insurance and vehicle maintenance costs

Record and playback routes

Record and playback routes

Industries you can widely cater to with ADAS

  • Alerts for overspeeding, harsh braking, and idling
  • Warnings on dashboard device
  • Improvement in passenger safety metrics
  • Instant alerts and warnings on the driver dashboard.
  • Enhances driver and fleet safety
  • Get insights into driver performance via videos
  • Identify risky driver behavior and train drivers
  • Instant alerts and warnings on the driver dashboard
  • Prevents theft of expensive health care products 
  • Drivers can navigate better and attend emergencies without losing time
  • Help ambulances function at maximum capacities and with perfection
  • Get instant navigation alerts and traffic signs alerts on the dashboard

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