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Do you sell Hardware also?

It is more cost-effective to directly buy devices. If needed, then we can help you to connect with the right supplier.

How long does it take for setting up software?
We usually deliver the software in around five to six working days in case of the White Labelling process. If you choose you go with our brand name, it will take around a day to start with.
What is your business model?
We have two types of business model : 1. White Label: The software will be delivered under your logo and branding. The web panel of the software with Mobile Application will be developed under your own branding. 2. Distribution: The ready-made software will be delivered under our logo and branding.
Which maps do you support?
We have developed our own maps. You can use your own preferred maps also by purchasing the map keys.
Which SMS gateways you support?
Our software is compatible with any type of SMS gateways.
How to get demo of the software?
Please visit www.uffizio.com. Kindly click on the Live Demo button on the home page of the website. Fill the required details by selecting your desired product. The demo credentials will be shared to your Email address.
Do you have any product tutorials?
We have designed video tutorials of our solution on our Youtube Channel. You can visit the link to explore our solutions in detail: http://bit.ly/2ZujKhY
What are the charges for customization?
We have a dedicated team of analysts to help with your custom requirements. The customization charges can be given once we prepare the complete scope of work.
Do you have an API?
Yes, our API is available to help you in integrating third-party software.
Do you charge for software training?
We provide free of charge software training to all our clients. Also, our video tutorials will help you to explore our solution at your convenience.
How long does it take to migrate my existing units to your platform?
We have a framework designed specially to help you with the migration procedure.
Do we need to purchase account on Play Store and App Store?
Yes, as a part of the White Label branding process, it is required to have an account on both the Play Store and App Store.
Can we integrate other software with your platform?
Yes, we have an API to achieve the integration task.
Does your platform include multi-lingual support?
Our system is multi-lingual. We already have included English, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, etc. We have the functionality to add any new language as per the request.


Do you charge for support?
We provide free of charge support to empower our customer in the journey. We have created a help-desk knowledge base in the form of video tutorials and a ticketing system. Support for your end-users will be done by the customer itself.


My GPS device is not listed on your portal.
We have support for over 400 devices. We can easily integrate any new devices using the protocol document.
Can you recommend any GPS devices?
We have deep expertise in the software. It would be unfair to suggest something in which we are yet to have expertise. If required, we can connect you with the experts dealing into the same space.
Can I use MDVRs with your platform?
Yes, you can.Uffizio supports video hardware which allows for real-time video tracking.

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