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Fleet tracking for Emergency and Security Services

Police patrol vans, ambulances, or fire brigade trucks need advanced fleet management solutions, so they can arrive quickly at their destinations. A minute’s delay could cost lives! That’s why we’ve got the complete suite of telematics solutions to decrease their response times, so help can be provided in good time.

Tools that help you excel


Arrive at destinations or accident sites faster than before using optimized routes. Reduce transit times and increase operational efficiency.

Quicker Dispatches

Locate and dispatch nearby drivers to reduce driving times.

Fewer Repairs

Eliminate excessive maintenance costs through preventative maintenance.

Lowering Fuel Costs

Enhance fuel economy by preventing idling and theft.

Better Asset Utilization

Make sure your fleet and drivers are working at their peaks!


Here's why we stand out from the rest

Job Module

Assign jobs and monitor them in real-time. Get alerts when your drivers miss a designated task and resolve issues as and when they come up. You’ll also be able to automate task allocation by selecting the date, time, and conditions of re-occurrence.

Route Optimization

When every minute counts, you need your drivers to access the shortest, most efficient routes. Using our route optimization module, you'll not only reduce transit times but also save on fuel costs. Optimized routes help you expedite transit times, allowing you to complete more tasks in a day with the same number of fleets.

Maintenance Reminders

Unexpected breakdowns mean stranded crew and lengthy delays. You can avoid this through regular fleet and equipment upkeep. Proactive maintenance results in asset sustainability and can eliminate massive repair costs.

Nearest Driver Dispatch

Locate your fleets and their designated drivers in real-time. This allows you to send off drivers that are in close proximity to the site of the accident or an operational hub. Reduces time on the road and accomplish tasks in a timely manner.

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