Trip Violation

Know all the violations for future improvement.

Drivers are assigned their tasks for the day. The trip is completed and you are happy. But what happened during the trip? You don’t have an answer, it’s important to know the way each trip was executed by the fleet. You should be aware of all the violations that happened during the trip. Trip violation will tell you about all the violations in detail.

Fleet Trip Violation Alert & Monitoring System

In the Trip Violation module, scheduled and actual times of departure and arrival are registered, so we help you to estimate, recalculate and notify you of arrival times, accounting for any deviation from planned routes.

You will have to configure speed, halt duration, stoppage duration and more for particular trip in the LogyTrak platform. Whenever the fleet violates the configurations given in the platform, violation alerts are generated.

Moreover, violation data are collected to create reports for better understanding.

Trip Exception Summary

Trip violation helps you monitor the trip execution by the fleet. It will help you know if any fleet is not following the approved route. Also, know the distance of the destination from the fleet’s current location. Get alert for any type of violation.

Various violation reports are available which includes:

  • Trip exception Summary
  • Miss Delivery
  • Speed violation
  • Trip Halt Violation
  • Driving Violation

Trip Violation Report


Increase work efficiency

By taking you actions against violation, you can increase the work efficiency of fleet and driver.

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