Trip Analysis

Understand the trip of your fleet in a better way.

Know the trips of your fleet in a better way. Trip analysis is important to know the faults during the trip and to take better decisions in the future. With this, companies can easily manage the trip and reduce future errors.

Vehicle Trip Analysis and Management System

The GPS devices and sensors are attached to fleet which monitors and then LogyTrak collects the data to it’s platform. Here it gathers all the information and delivers the data. This data is delivered in the form of reports or status. Moreover, alerts are generated for each and every problem found during the trip.

Vehicle Trip Detail and Summary

  • Know the number of trips taken by your fleet
  • You can know the fleet that are on trip or off trip. Assigning tasks becomes easier
  • Understand all the violation and faults of your fleet during the trip with the help of Trip execution report
  • You can find nearby vehicles. This can help you in case of emergency
  • LogyTrak can also tell you if your fleet missed any delivery. So, you can reschedule delivery or inform the driver on time
  • Get systematic reports of trip exception, missed the delivery, trip summary and more.

Vehicle Trip Analysis and Summary


Trip management

With accurate analyses of your trip helps to understand the problem arised. This help to manage your future trip more efficiently.

Quickly get vehicle replacement

With the help of find nearby vehicles option, you can get help or replacement of fleet whenever required

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