Transporter Analysis

Examine the movement of your transporter.

Logytrak helps you to utilize vehicles to its fullest. Normally, companies take services from transporters to manage their consignments. Companies while managing their own vehicles, wish to have proper utilisation of vehicles provided by transporter. Companies will have to suffer a huge loss due to improper services by their transporter.

Transporter Analysis and Driver Analysis

Identifying the best transporter is necessary to make sure your consignment reaches on time. Logytrak provides various analytical information, which can help us to identify the best one.

  • Trip Delay - Provides information regarding the number of times, the consignment was not delivered on the time promised.
  • Trip Summary - Information like trip violation, actual trip end time is necessary to save time in delivery.
Transporter Analysis and Driver Analysis

Transporter analysis is useful when multiple transporter’s services are used.

This module helps to properly utilize vehicles of transporter according to their trip delivery efficiency with timely services.

If you use multiple transporter service, then it is necessary to analyse each and every vehicle as per their vehicle number, location, origin to destination of transportation etc.

Logytrak helps you to identify your best transporter from all the ones, from whom the vehicles are leased.

Transporter Analysis and Driver Analysis


Delivery Time management

Consignment delivery time can be managed better. With time management the customer satisfaction increases.

Make better choices

Selection of proper transporter and utilising their vehicles to the fullest.

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