Temperature Monitoring

Measure the temperature of the container.

The delivery without the damage of its goods is very important for the transport industry. In many cases, cold storage is used for maintaining the quality of goods during the journey. It’s next to impossible to monitor the temperature manually throughout the trip. So, LogyTrak helps you make this impossible task simple.

Consignment and Container Temperature Monitoring System

For using the temperature monitoring system, you have to do the calibration of the sensor. Now, add the conversion factor to get the data as per your requirement.

The conversion factors will gather the data in voltage and convert them into temperature unit. After which the data is delivered to your platform.

Receive alarm and alert whenever the temperature reading is above or below the range.

LogyTrak monitors the temperature of the storage. The temperature variations are examined by the sensor. This data is collected for creating a systematic report for better understanding. Whenever a change in temperature is observed an alert is sent to the user by the system.

Thus, you will be able to deliver the consignment without any damage.


Take actions quickly

With the help of on-time alerts, you will be able to take actions for temperature change.

Happier customer

By reducing the damages caused due to change in temperature will make your customers happier.

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