Sensor Alert

Get on-time alerts from the sensor

To know any problem you need alert or warnings. With LogyTrak, you get an alert from the sensor. These alerts can help you find solutions of the problem on-time.

Sensor Alert

The sensors installed in the fleet. Then, they are calibrated on the platform. These sensor sends alert when they find changes in the event.

For example: If the fuel level of your fleet changes, an alert will be received by you.

Then, LogyTrak creates systematic report for you to understand the number of alerts generated and its detail. This report can be a useful resource for knowing fleet problems.

Sensor Alert

LogyTrak provides various sensor alerts. These alerts are generated when the sensors detect the change in the value. You can take the necessary steps on time with these alerts. Alerts like temperature, fuel leakage, door open/close and the engine are available on the platform which is helpful for monitoring your fleet.

Moreover, reports like ignition, air conditioner misuse and alert status are available on this platform.

Sensor Alert


Various alerts on the same platform

Get various sensor alerts on the same platform at the same time.

Prevent wastage of resources

On-time alert of change in the resource can help you prevent wastage and damage.

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