Driving Behaviour

Monitor your driver’s performance efficiently.

As we know, monitoring fleet’s performance is not enough. Drivers are important resources of your company. If their performance is not meeting your requirement, then this can turn out to be an obstacle in your progress. So, how will you monitor their performance?

Driving Behaviour and Driver Analysis System

If driver does something wrong, an alert will be generated.

Using alerts and data collected from the fleet, driving behaviour of each driver is analysed. Reports of driving performance, RAG score, driver activity and driver’s work hours are available for analysing the driving behaviour.


Driving behaviour helps to improve fleet performance and also helps to grow your business.

Driving Behaviour gives the analysis of how your driver is driving including over-speeding, harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, and sharp cornering.

Various alerts and reports available on the platform help to monitor the behaviour of your driver.

Monitoring driving is important as it increases efficiency and safety with less in fuel and servicing costs. It results in lesser accidents.

Driver Performance Report


Fleet Safety

When drivers are monitored and instructed on time, damages of fleet can be prevented. Thus, fleet safety increases with better driving behaviour

Performance Analysis

By monitoring the driving behaviour, you will be able to know the performance of the driver. This can help you decide penalty, training or reward for the driver.

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