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Telematics brings change Driving Behaviour

A driver is a magician on the road as he can be the reason for an accident or a saviour. We as a driver consider ourselves professional riders on race tracks. Harsh driving and inattentiveness are the major problems on the road.

For any transportation company damage to their property is not acceptable. Steps and precautions taken manually cannot assure you about the driving behaviour of your driver.

In this case and other issues of your fleet, telematics is a perfect solution.

Why should Driving Behaviour be monitored?


Driving Behaviour gives the overall insights into how your driver is driving including speeding, harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, and sharp cornering.

This is important as monitoring driving, increases efficiency and safety with less fuel and servicing costs. It results in fewer accidents.


  • Monitors driving and warn driver with alerts and video evidence.
  • Track route with a speed limit of the particular location.
  • Prevent drunk and tired drivers from driving.
  • Reduce vehicle idling.
  • Keeps track of driver training, driver behaviour, performance statistics, etc…
  • Reduce fuel costs by controlling harsh driving
  • Cut down maintenance costs by managing driver performance
  • Easily generate driver performance card
  • Get daily reports and instant alerts for driver and vehicle events.

Systems that you can rely on

Let’s see some of the Driving Behaviour monitoring systems


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

The system monitors, warn and take necessary for fleet safety and better driving. It helps to reduce human error by eliminating road fatality.

ADAS observes the surrounding of the fleet and when finds a road unsafe generates alerts. In many cases, it takes instant steps like reducing speed or stopping the fleet on time. 

MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder)

MDVR helps us to achieve vehicle and driver monitoring functions. Its main function is that it enables real-time video and audio monitoring, GPS positioning, vehicle tracking, and driver behaviour record.

This system allows you to see live videos and get the playback history of this video to provide evidence whenever required.


Eco-driving is the best option to monitor Driving Behaviour along with controlling fuel usage and emissions during the journey. The monitoring factor of these system includes speed, harsh acceleration/ deceleration, route, idling duration and more.


Here we have come across how monitoring Driving Behaviour can help in safety and cut expenses.