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SmartBus – The Students’ Travel Caretaker


Talking of the safest places for a child, the places that strike in everyone’s mind are home and school. But what when they are on the school bus, the connecting bridge between these places? 

Nobody has ever depended on the school bus. When the school cannot find the real conditions faced by a child on the bus, how will the parents? Then how and whom can we trust?  We need to know and use the safety features in school bus.

SmartBus will solve your problems and make the students’ trip safer and better. Before that, let’s look at the actual problems that worry the child, parents, and school.

Major issues to be known

The problem is that everyone worries about accidents because of reckless driving. Alone in India every day 43 children die in road accidents, and the saddest part is that major of them are because of school bus accidents. This happens because the school is unaware of the problem, so they take no steps.

But is this the only problem? No, we suffer more issues; 

  • Many times even after leaving the home, children don’t board the bus, as the child doesn’t want to attend a school or due to any harm. 
  • Nobody marks the daily attendance of children present.
  • Child abuse
  • Avoid safety gears 
  • Parents cannot choose stops for children
  • New drivers are not aware of the stops or route.

Now what?

Way out of your problem

Various software and mobile applications of school bus management are available. 

Let’s understand how:

  • The school buses can have an RFID system for taking daily attendance of the student on the bus
  • Both parents and school authorities can know the pickup and drop time of the students
  • The school can manage the routing of the bus; management will guide the driver to the shortest route

Way out by SmartBus

So, when the market has many solutions, why use SmartBus? There are many reasons for this. Come, let’s have a ride through smart bus features.


We have three different applications for Driver, School Management and Parents for getting the benefits of SmartBus. Come, let’s take a ride through these applications and features along with the features of SmartBus.

Driver app


Driver plays an important role in students’ safety, and we should never forget him. How do we help drivers?

Let’s see the features offered to the driver by SmartBus:

  • A new driver may forget how many students and from which stop he has to pick them, and here we come to their help. SmartBus Driver app gives the driver information of the students and their stops
  • The driver can follow the shortest route through SmartBus and so he can bring students to the school at the right time
  • The driver or the bus attendant has another important role to do, and that is taking everyday attendance on the bus. We use RFID devices which scans the RFID tags on the students ID-Card as they board the bus and sends the students’ attendance to the school and their parents. You will say, RFID devices are available in many applications
  • But what if the school cannot afford? So we added the feature of QR code scanning, where the attendant or the driver can scan the QR code on the students ID-card with the help of QR Code scanner provided in the SmartBus driver app and thus can store the data
  • We also have the option of taking manual attendance, where the driver or the attendant can manually take attendance using the SmartBus

Manager App


The only person who can solve the problems faced by students is a school manager, and why should we worry when SmartBus is here. Again a question must have clicked.

Now how will we help him? Don’t worry we will tell you.

  • The SmartBus system has an option of the camera with which the manager can have the inside view of the school This way, the school can have the complete details of the students and the driver. We have two options, and one is Manual image capture by which you can anytime ask for the image, and other is the automated periodically image capture which will send the pictures at every 60 second or the time selected by the manager
  • We can look at the driver’s behaviours like reckless driving, violations of the safety gears and abusing with the students after by the authorities with the help of the cameras on the SmartBus device
  • The school can see the detailed data of the route taken by the bus and the unauthorized stops taken
  • We can receive daily reports of about the Trip attendance, student attendance, Pickup and drop points, driving performance and driver behavior using the SmartBus manager app

Parent App


Parents are the people who will have a best friend in the form of SmartBus Parents App as it has come up with the features that will ensure the safety of their children.

Before any question strikes your mind, let’s see the features:

  • Parents will not have to create many accounts to know the details of their children in different classes. On the same account, you can have the information about all your children and so it becomes friendly to use
  • Parents or Guardian of the child can have three different accounts to know about the child if any of them are busy. So Father, Mother or Guardian you all will know about the child
  • Real-time tracking of the bus can know the current location of the bus, so if your child has not reached home, you can ensure why? not only this, you can track until the bus reaches the school
  • Parents will receive the event notifications regarding bus arrival or reached and students in or out of the bus
  • The parent can know the attendance report of the child on the bus with the help of the SmartBus Parent app
  • Normally, the school selects the pickup and drop stops of the child but not with SmartBus. We give you the chance to set the pickup and drop stops
  • Parents can set a reminder that will inform them that the bus has reached the bus stop. This will help you and your child avoid long waiting for the bus


SmartBus not only keep an eye but also create data to inform you about what you missed. Connect to SmartBus and get the best solutions. Be updated as SmartBus every day tries to bring changes which will make your child’s journey secure.