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Replace GPS Tracker with MobiGPS

GPS tracker is used to navigate the location of any objects, person, animal, fleet, and more. It uses the Global Positioning System for tracking accurate real-time movement and delivers the data on the software platform or mobile app. These tracking devices or trackers are efficient and make tasks easier. 

In our previous blog with the title “GPS Tracking Software, why is it important in today’s life?”, we have listed some applications of GPS tracking software. This helps you to understand the importance of GPS tracker and their software.

MobiGPS is a tracking application that is an efficient replacement for a GPS tracker. Before talking about this application, we will talk about the challenges faced by one of our clients.


Our client living in a rural area has faced the challenge of finding a reliable GPS device. As the good quality of these devices is not easily available in rural or semi-urban markets. 

The second challenge was that workers were not willing to carry an additional tracking device on their duty. As these trackers need to be charged now and then, due to their short battery life. Moreover, the trackers with longer battery life and battery backup are expensive.

What is MobiGPS?


MobiGPS is the best choice if you cannot afford a tracker. It is a mobile tracking app that converts smartphones into efficient GPS tracker.

This app is fast, simple, and effective for any GPS tracking solution. You can use it for vehicle telematics, fleet management, person tracking, sharing location, etc. It increases efficiency and decreases tracker expenses.

The work of this app is to track the object and deliver the data to the respected software. Similar to any other tracker it will accurately monitor each movement and duration of the object. Its dashboard provides the latest data like time, speed, position, accuracy, altitude, course, etc. This helps to understand the current status of the object.


The latest version of this amazing app is 1.0. It is compatible with both android and apple handheld devices which includes smartphones, tablet, iPad and iPod touch. But for using it you will require version 4.1 or above in android and IOS 10.0 or higher in apple devices. While using this, keep your GPS and internet ON in the device to get the data.

Highlights of MobiGPS

Remove tracker dependency

No need to depend on the tracker for efficient results. As this application easily tracks every detail as assigned by the tracking software and delivers the data to the software.  

Working in “NO GPRS” zone

This app works with the Internet and GPS. But in many areas, you may face network problems because of which no or slow GPRS is available in the application. In this condition, MobiGPS is useful. As it tracks even when the Internet is not available.  It will collect all the data and as soon as internet connectivity is available, it will send the data to the software. 

Debug Mode

In case you are facing any problem in using the app, then you just have to ON the Debug Mode. It will fetch the log for the issue. This means it fetches the problem and delivers it to the developer. So, you will be able to overcome the problem easily without going to the service point.


SOS button on the app helps the user to get immediate help when an emergency arises. This enables to save the user’s life before it’s too late.

Server configuration

You can configure any server easily in MobiGPS. The server configuration is done by adding this app to your software. The app will use the server assigned by the software. 


We can describe MobiGPS as a wireless tracker. It enables you to track fleets, consignments, field tasks, employees, etc. It has proved to be the most effective replacement for the tracker and is successfully being used by many users.