Top Vendor of White Label GPS Tracking Software in India

Uffizio pleased to announce that we have reached the new milestone 200,000 units within India that means one more happiest moment for us and the whole community.

                 GPS tracking software india

We are pleased to announce that we have reached the new milestone 200,000 units within India that means one more happiest moment for us and the whole community.

Uffizio is unstoppable. It has become one of the top vendors of White Label GPS Tracking Software in India.

Certainly, in this year 2018 was great for Uffizions. I am really thankful to our valuable business partners, friends and each and every person who stayed with us. May the New Year bring us more wonderful opportunities to work together.

We are always committed towards providing software based on cutting-edge technology that leaves no room for errors or outdated versions. Our system’s flexibility allows smooth integration of any kind of improvement or changes in the software without affecting its performance.

Privacy and Security of data is always our top priority. Our back end team works constantly to ensure its safety and reliability.

Glimpse of Our White Label GPS Tracking Software Services

White label Branding

Uffizio offers white label GPS tracking softwares to its valuable clients in order to provide them with the necessary flexibility in doing business. The White Label Branding allows our clients to promote their own brand while selling our products in the market. You can simply build your own Software and Telematics Company while selling GPS tracking softwares created by Uffizio, its easy and convenient.

Multi Language Support

The software developed by Uffizio come with a multiple language feature that enables you to translate the software content into YOUR own language. The addition of such exceptional features to the GPS tracking system makes our products finest in the market. So, if you are using any software developed by Uffizio, you need not worry about not knowing the default language. You can always switch to the language you understand!

Open for Customization

We totally understand that different clients have different expectations from our software based on their own specific requirements. Which is why, we provide excellent customization services for all sorts of GPS tracking solutions. We take care of every big and small requirements of our client to make sure that our software multiplies the value of their brand.

Tracker Independent

The level of flexibility and user-friendliness of our GPS tracking system makes us the best GPS tracking platform available in the market. Our Mobile and Web based tracking and management softwares free you from always depending on the Tracker hardware and compromising on your choice of compatible system. Our softwares run on the tracker of your choice and have absolutely no compatibility issues.

Glimpse of Our Advance White Label GPS Tracking Software


Trakzee is the best Fleet Management Software compatible with any platform. This GPS tracking software not only helps your business function smoothly but also assists you in solving all sorts of operational troubles. Trakzee will directly take you to the top of your industry.


The School Bus Tracking Software, Smartbus, is the best GPS tracking platform for school buses. The GPS tracking solutions provided through the Parents App, Drivers App, and Management App makes it the best school bus management software available in the market.


A Logistics Tracking Software that along with tracking your consignments also helps you in avoiding transportation failures. Logytrak is the best consignment tracking software in the market because it has the most up-to-date and unique logistics software solutions.


Taskeye is the ultimate Task Management Software used for Task Management, Field staff real time tracking and field staff monitoring. The software’s app facilitates the elimination of on-field challenges and helps your employees save time with its attendance and report making features.


The MobiGPS technology developed by Uffizio is a brilliant innovation in the GPS tracking system. It lets your Smartphone function as a mobile GPS tracking device and eliminates the use of expensive GPS trackers. MobiGPS is compatible with all sorts of GPS tracking solutions.

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