What’s new in August 2019?

Uffizio is ready to give you brief introduction about the updates of August 2019. This new update will help you manage fleet in a better way.

Uffizio has always tried to bring a change in the world of Telematics. Without your encouragement, this would have never been possible.  It’s important for you to get the latest and trending solutions. 

For you, this august we have come up with two new updates in Trakzee for the better understanding of the fleet. 

Video Telematics

The name itself tells you, it's a solution that provides videos. This is not the end it’s just the beginning of this technology. Back in a blog published on 25 April 2019, we gave light on video telematics and its use. Here we will see each and every feature of our Video Telematics;

Real-time video and audio

Video telematics has the most useful feature of viewing real-time video and audio. This allows a view of inside and surrounding of the fleet at the same time. 

The main attraction of this is HD quality of the video, which enables us to understand even the smallest change. You get the chance to keep watch on your driver’s behaviour. 

Quick image capture

This feature is well known as snapshots. You can take the quick image of the live video whenever required. 

Think you are watching the live video and suddenly you find some problem. Then, instead of reviewing the video, you can quickly capture the image. So, afterwards you can have the image proof of the event.

View Video History

As, the features says view the video history of your fleet anytime. Here, you can replay the history video with good quality audio.

It’s not always possible to keep the watch on your fleet. So, this is for you. Watch the history video to solve your travel query and understand the cause of any trouble occurred.

Get The Video

Here, you will get the recorded video for your future use. This is useful when you need evidence of any incident that occurred.

Let’s understand this with the example. Your vehicle has met with an accident. The other party blames you for his mistakes. You can quickly get the recorded video and you have the proof of your innocence.

This means you have the truth in your hands.

Trip Classification

If you were thinking of getting a solution for Trip classification, then this is for you.  Know the type of trip with its duration.

With many drivers and fleet, it must have been difficult for you to know which driver is on business or personal trip. Here, you will be able to classify the trip by business, personal, unclassified or invalid trips.

You get to know which driver has taken the particular trip with the fleet detail, duration, and distance.

Here you not only define the trip but also get the report related to it. Let’s understand them;

Classify Trip

This is used to classify the trip. Here you will be able to add the note and change the trip status. This enables to manage and simplify the trip. 

Trip Classification Report

Get an overall summary of the trip with the calculation of the number of trips taken by the driver and vehicle. Here you will also know the distance and duration of the particular trip.

For example, If the driver has taken 5 personal trips then you will know the distance and duration of these trips.


Get video telematics and trip classification and be connected to your fleet.  If you have never experienced Trakzee, do take demo. Visit our YouTube channel to know all our solutions.

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