Ways to reduce risk with fleet management software

The fleet management process needs to be conducted efficiently; otherwise, it can cause the customers to lose trust and thus leading to huge business loss.

Fleet management involves a whole lot of risks.

Accidents, thefts, driver’s safety, fuel management, etc. are some of the issues that fleet managers have to deal on a regular basis.

The fleet management process needs to be conducted efficiently; otherwise, it can cause the customers to lose trust and thus leading to huge business loss.

It is practically not possible to manage all these issues manually.

With modern technological innovation, these risks can be efficiently eliminated.

Our fleet management software, Trakzee plays a vital role in proactively managing the challenges faced by the fleet managers.

Let us take a look at the fleet management solutions provided by Trakzee to curb the risks involved:

Asset location using live tracking

With the help of the GPS tracking system, this software provides certain crucial details that are really sensitive and equally vital when it comes to an effective fleet management system.

The exact fuel fill-up location and vehicle location details provided by this software make the monitoring of fuel consumption hassle-free.

If managed manually, with hundreds of vehicles in the fleet, managers are bound to lose control of the fuel consumption details which can lead to fuel theft.

With the usage of our Trakzee software, this problem can be easily solved and prevent any unnecessary fuel wastage.

Our software enables the automatic detection of the entry and exit of the fleet from the area surrounded by geofence, thus making it easy to control the route directions of the vehicles.

Keeps the driver’s behavior at check

It is important that drivers must follow all the specified rules and regulations.

It is also the responsibility of the fleet manager to keep an eye on the behavioural tactics of the drivers to maintain a smooth and safe fleet management process.

The fleet management software, Trakzee enables the fleet manager to monitor any violations such as over-speeding, change of routes, rough braking, etc.

This software aids in collecting data at a particular point in time.

Let’s say if an accident happens, then the fleet manager can collect the information regarding the driver’s behavior at the time of the accident to effectively eliminate any future potential risks.

Fleet managers must make sure to closely monitor each driver’s behavior using this facility provided by the software to avoid any risks.

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Easy vehicle maintenance

With the unique alert system incorporated in this software, vehicle maintenance becomes an easy task.

By providing essential information such as mechanical problems, traffic update, etc. both the drivers and managers stay informed of the current situation while the vehicle is out in the field.

Managers can make use of the custom alerts to be updated about the details such as servicing, oil change, renewals, etc.

Also, with the help of the complete fleet reports and charts, the maintenance can be undertaken in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

It will also help the users understand the actual growth of the business.

Proper scheduling of the fleet

With the complete fleet statistics, the planning and scheduling of the vehicles become easy and smooth.

The advanced dashboard gives you all the viable information regarding the vehicles.

For example, if due to some reason, a vehicle is unable to make the trip.

Then the manager will be alerted regarding the same so that he can reschedule another vehicle without compromising the user’s needs.

Trakzee provides comprehensive fleet details, which helps the user run their business in a cost-effective yet safe manner.

The advanced features of this software aids in combating most of the challenges faced in the fleet management industry.

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