Uffizio Redesigns The Website

“Uffizio” website is redesigned and updated. As a company grows the requirement of their client increases.

We  do not make a change for the sake of making them, but we never fail to make a change once it is demonstrated that the new way is better than the old way.

- Henry Ford

Uffizio have always accepted this quote and worked to find a better way for user experience. Change is an important factor which breaks the obstacles and helps you the step ahead.  If you have noticed our change, then you know what we are talking about.

“Uffizio” website is redesigned and updated. As a company grows the requirement of its client increases. So, we had to decide a way to fulfil the requirements in easy and better way. In redesigning, we have looked forward to better usability and understanding. 

Let's see what are the changes and how they'll help you?


A website that tells its story

The main aim of redesigning our website was to give our clients the best user experience. We understand reading unwanted contents can be time-consuming. So, we have used titles, and images that will help you find your requirements. 

We have also taken care of users who visit our website on the mobile phone or tablet. Our website on mobile devices gives you the same feeling as you get on your computer.


Your website should know all about your business

For us redesigning not only means appearance but also means updating the contents. We update all the contents where were they required. The updates includes the latest facts and features. While updating these content our aim was to make the website easy to understand.

  • Solutions: In every solution, you will find the recent data. So, a new user can get a brief idea of Trakzee, SmartBus, LogyTrak, and TaskEye. New solutions are added in this section which are MobiGPS and Vehicle on Rent. Here, you will get the introductions, highlights, features and mobile app detail of every solution.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Question): Question can arise at any time and anywhere.  For a small query, you will not want to wait for a salesperson or help desk to take your call.  So, we have decided to answer all the queries that arise in our customer's mind. This will help you solve most of your queries in a few seconds. The questions and their answers can be seen in the FAQ section. We will update you with more questions and answers soon.
  • How To: We have recently added tutorial videos for all our solutions on our YouTube channel. Now you will see these videos on our website in HOW To section.


Be connected with us to know all our updates. We are here to make your work easier and for which we need your support.

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