SME business vehicle breakdown- Facts and Stats

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07 July, 2019
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sme business vehicle breakdown

Vehicles failure is common but then when it comes to small and medium enterprises, the risk is more than what we may think.

By not taking necessary measures, these businesses are staking their productivity and overall efficiency.

According to the RAC, as per the analysis of call-outs in 2019 so far, around 31% of SME business vehicles are expected to experience major breakdown this year.

They also revealed that 3 out of 10 vehicles have the probability to have some or the other mechanical failure every year.

And also there is a probability that all the vehicles of small businesses that are covered by RAC can have two breakdowns this year.

With this data it is widely evident that vehicle breakdowns are inevitable, be it small scale or huge businesses.

In the case of small scale business, the effect and the aftermaths are a bit more drastic than any large business.

How can a breakdown cover help at such times?

In UK, around 99% of businesses make up their economy. Any breakdown can cause a frazzled situation with late deliveries, wastage of time, etc.

With a business that has covered its vehicles for any breakdown can save the amount of productive time lost in finding a mechanic or taking the vehicle to the garage.

A vehicle breakdown cover can save this time and get you back on your wheels again.

What are the Top SME vehicle breakdown calls received by RAC?

  • Around 18 % battery related call outs that could be either for flat or dead batteries.
  • 13 % of vehicle failures were due to tyres
  • Among 5% of the vehicle, breakdowns were found to be caused by clutch related faults.
  • Around 4 % for Alternator issues
  • Around 3 % each for engine issues, starter motor issues, and fuel-diesel contamination
  • Around 2 % each for Road traffic accident and improper engine management

So with a business of any size and shape, one must be prepared to face challenges and breakdown at any odd timing in a much-stranded location.

With a breakdown cover, such consequences can be easily tackled and managed hassle-free.