Manage your Drivers Performance with efficient Analysis

Drivers are an important asset of any firm. So, it's important to keep watch on their efficiency and to get the driver's performance analysis for a profitable business.

driver performance analysis

Driver performance analyses are an important factor for all fleet managers. As your fleet efficiency depends on fleet performance and driving behaviour. Yes, you heard it right driving behaviour or driver performance has a great impact on fleet efficiency.

Accidents and fleet damages occur due to harsh driving, accelerating, sudden cornering, long idling, inattentive on road, drink and drive, and more. These problems reduce fleet life and increase fuel consumption which ultimately affects your business. As this not only leads to unwanted fleet expenses but also disturbs your monthly fleet budget. So, you may have to face huge losses.

According to the statistics of the USA, the fuel consumption of fleet will increase by 15% due to bad driving behaviour. It also claims that 87% of truck accidents are due to drivers and from which 23% are due to over speeding. Moreover, One hour of fleet idling is almost equal to driving for 25 miles and restarting of fleet consumes less fuel than 30 seconds of fleet idling.

The USA is not the only country facing this problem. Even our countries have come across these problems. To overcome this, fleet management systems are working to create driving behaviour solutions. 

Driver behaviour monitoring is essential as the driver has complete control over fleet and monitoring his work will help you to take steps for improving your fleet performance. 

Today, we will see all the driving behaviour solutions available in Trakzee and how it will improve the efficiency of your fleet

What is a Driver Performance Analysis?

Driver performance analysis is a driver monitoring solution provided by Trakzee. It is a complete analysis of the driving behaviour of the driver of multiple fleets. This allows setting parameters for your driver and at the same time helps to understand the violation on time.

It includes:

  • Driver Rating
  • Driver Violation
  • Driver Work hour

Driver Rating

driver rating details dashboard

The driver rating is useful to set parameters and penalty points for each driver according to fleet type. This means that if a driver is driving a car, there will be different parameters and in the truck, he will have to follow different parameters. You will be able to parameters for speeding, harsh driving and idling.

Speeding enables you to monitor if the driver is crossing the speed limit and know the duration of over-speeding. This is used to deduct penalty points accordingly. 

Here, harsh driving includes harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, harsh acceleration in cornering and harsh braking in cornering. You will be able to set a different penalty for each of them.

As discussed earlier, idling for long duration can consume more fuel so, driver rating enables to set penalty according to idling duration.

All these data are collected according to the fleet activity and report is created to get accurate driver rating. This report also helps to keep count of the total number of speeding, idling and driving violations.

Driver Violation

driver trip violation dashboard

Driving violation is a set of alerts and a report that helps to understand the driver's performance. This also helps to take action on time or warn the driver. 

The highlight of violation alert is that you will be able to set parameters that will help you to understand violations in a better way. The violation alerts available are:

  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Seat Belt
  • Overspeed
  • Night Drive 
  • Authorised Breaks
  • Overstay

Let’s take an example if your driver is not wearing a seatbelt, then you will be alerted and this will be added to the report. So, you will be able to warn the driver if he continues to violate. 

The violation report helps to know all the violations by the driver during a particular trip along with duration and fleet speed. Thus, you will get all the required data regarding the trip with a violation in the same report.

Moreover, you will get a summarised chart for understanding all the violations as per categories. This helps to understand which violations are done more by the drivers.


Driver performance analysis not only helps to improve fleet efficiency but also helps to ensure driver safety. Thus, help your fleet and driver to provide you with a profitable future with Trakzee.

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