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Pet Tracking Software and Monitoring Solution

pet tracking software

Pet Tracking Software

Pet Tracking software is specially designed to track the real-time movement of pets, wildlife animals and preventing them from going out of any particular location. Pet Live tracking is one of the major functionality of GPS software. It provides the ultimate pet tracking solutions that can show real-time pet progress.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by our partner was in tracking endangered wildlife in Indian forests to prevent them from being hunted down. But they found the radio signal-based tracking outdated and inaccurate. So, the tracking was to be done based on GPS solutions which are more reliable. Along with the animals, there was also a requirement to track the caretakers of these animals as their job was to look after these animals.

The Solution

The solution provided to our client was with the help of GPS collars. These wearables were pointed to Trakzee server where the real-time tracking of the wildlife could be done. This helped the responsible people to track and find the animals when they wandered off to remote areas. Also, the caretakers were provided with personal trackers so that they can also be monitored which provided even better data regarding the animals as well.

The Result

The solution resulted in increasing the safety of endangered wildlife. Also, it provided valuable information regarding the movement of the animals which helped in scientific studies. With the monitoring of the caretakers, the tracking of the animals was also helped as they were in close vicinity of the animals so whenever any suspicious activity was found, the caretakers could press the SOS button on the personal trackers so that the authorities can be alarmed.