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Technological Partner
20 December, 2018
Our software paired with BCE’s trackers will give a promising product to the market.
Life at Uffizio
05 December, 2018
Uffizio pleased to announce that we have reached the new milestone 200,000 units within India that means one more happiest moment for us and the whole community.
GPS Software
26 November, 2018
Vehicle Tracking system important to track or monitor your vehicle real-time location, valuable assets, get specifications and generate reports etc..
GPS Tracker
19 November, 2018
Uffizio is pleased to announce that Toptraking have become our partner now. We look forward to work together.
Field Employee Monitoring
14 November, 2018
TaskEye gives perfect software solutions to make on-field employee tracking much easier.
Fleet Management
08 November, 2018
It is true that we have very less control over several factors that affect energy consumption, but there are a few very effective ways in which we can control fuel consumption.
GPS Software
29 October, 2018
The applications of an ideal GPS tracking software range from simple personal activities like driving to complex business activities, assets management.