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Speeding-Thrills many but kills plenty

It is high time that the government takes actions to educate their citizens regarding the dangers of speeding and how fatal it can prove to them as well as their peers.

Are new telematics technology lacking to protect fleet from hackers?

Hacking of computers and in internet world has been a common factor. But its important to know that your fleet can also be hacked and can become a terror to your drivers. Know what is automotive hacking and its risks.

Telematics brings change Driving Behaviour

Telematics is day by day developing in all fields of our fleet life. It has also brought huge change in driving behaviour of our fleet drivers.

Are Black Box in Airplane and Car Similar?

Black box is the best eyewitness to any car accidents and plane crashes. But are they same or different, lets get the detailed information of these black boxes.

Increase your profits with efficient Route Monitoring

Route monitoring is a time and money saving option. It monitors your fleet throughout the way.

A Mandatory step of Public Transport Safety in India

AIS 140 is a mandatory government certified device that ensures commercial and public vehicle safety.

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