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Can I share my fleet’s location with a Secure Link?

Share fleet location with Trakzee. Why with Trakzee? Then we need to know-how sharing location can be useful.

London introduced an automatic braking system in the tram

London is soon going to run its tram with an automatic braking system. It's time for you to know why and how this idea came to implementation.

Manage Your Fleet Expenditure

Managing expense is a tiring and time-consuming task. But very important for all of us. So, its time to get an efficient expense management system for your fleet.

Inspect your fleet for a safer journey

Time to get a solution for inspecting your fleet. Know-how DVIR will help to make your journey safer.

108 Ambulance Service

The 108 ambulance service is always there to help the people in need. Here, we will discuss the challenges they faced and the solution we provided for solving their problem.

Trip Bifurcation in Playback Screen

Trip bifurcation is the customization with the functionality to view the number of the trip for the selected vehicle and the date in Playback.

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