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Teltonika partnered with Uffizio to deliver Unique Solutions

Uffizio starts a new partnership venture with Teltonika which is the leading European manufacturer of IoT and M2M applications.

Trip through the driver app of SmartBus

Btrack Driver app of SmartBus is an efficient solution for helping the driver. It shows the route, takes attendance, trip schedule and more.

Have you heard about Worker TaskEye?

Worker Taskeye as its name suggests it keeps an eye on the task of workers. It mainly focuses on the safety of workers in a remote or dangerous area.

Leave Management is easy now with TaskEye

Field employee and manager can connect with leave management for easy leave process.

A perfect solution for rental fleet

TrakRide is a simplified and effective solution of the rental fleet company as it provides solutions for rent management and fleet tracking for easy business processing.

Challenges faced by Women in trucking industry

There are many challenges faced by women in trucking industries. Know what are they in detail...

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