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Know your driver for better business growth


Road accidents and fleet costs are among the problems faced by everyone, especially by logistics companies. The main reason for road accidents is caused by dangerous driving behaviour. This causes fleet damages and risk safety of people on the road.

According to the survey of WHO (World Health Organization) in 2018, 1.35 million people of the world die in road accidents which means these accidents kill an average of 3,125 people every day. These accidents also cause injuries to 50 million people. It was found that distracted drivers were the reason for 70% of the accidents and 20% because of tired or sleepy drivers.

So, monitoring of driving behaviour becomes important.

How will driving behaviour affect your business and fleet costs?

Today we will find an answer to this question.

For the logistics industry, the condition of fleet and consignment is the main concern. As even the smallest problem in any of these can cause huge loss. If any of your fleet meets with an accident and your customer’s consignment is damaged. Then you may have to pay for the damage caused, and this may also affect your relations with the customers.

Idling and over-speeding of the fleet for a long time use more fuel. More usage of fuel means fuel expenditure increases.

Bad driving behaviour can increase the operational cost of your fleet by 20%. As it increases service, maintenance and repair of the fleet impact the operational cost. 

Do we have any solution for logistics?


Driving behaviour monitoring in LogyTrak is the ultimate solution. It helps you create rules for the drivers and then informs you regarding the problems caused. 

LogyTrak provides various reports and alerts that help you monitor the driving behaviour efficiently. The reports available here are:

  • Travel Summary: This report gives details like speed, stoppages and idle to understand the drivers’ performance from the start location to the end location. 
  • Trip Exception Summary: You will know about all the violations during the trip along with the challan number and invoice number.
  • Vehicle Trip Summary: Know the trips taken by the driver along with violation and his driving behaviour.
  • Trip Halt Violation: This report informs about the halt violation during the trip.
  • Driving Violation: You will get the details of the driving violation during the trip. It also helps to know if the driver is wearing the seat-belt or not.
  • Rag Report: Get the report of each and every driving violation in detail along with the rag score. The rag score defines his driving behaviour.
  • And more.

The alerts available in this platform are:

  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Idle
  • Seat Belt
  • Trip Unauthorized Halt
  • Zone Over-speeding 
  • And more

These real-time alerts and reports will efficiently monitor the changes in driving behaviour. Thus, it will help you reduce fleet and fuel costs.


Find the problems and train your driver accordingly for an efficient future ahead. When you will start preventing the problems, your company’s unwanted expenses will decrease and thus improve your business.