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Job Dispatch

It is always complex to manage multiple tasks performed by large numbers of vehicles. Also, assigning jobs and planning trips of these vehicles can be time-consuming and a nightmare for any manager. 

Your plan must minimize cost and at the same time maximize the efficiency of your fleet operations.

Let’s say your fleet consists of 1000 trucks. And for that, you have to plan their work for a month. If you go by the traditional way of doing this then it could turn out to be time-consuming and tedious. So that’s not a good option to choose.

Now the question is How you will manage such huge numbers of vehicles and create a plan for each one of them?

The Answer is Job Dispatch! 

The job dispatch helps you to easily plan, allocate and monitor work for your vehicles. You just need to create a job, set a schedule type, add checkpoints and allocate the job to the vehicles. And it’s all set. This way with minimal effort you will be able to utilize your fleet for maximum productivity.

You can even set validity for the job. And when the validity time period is over, it gets deleted automatically.

The performance report provides you with an informative overview of each task. Here you will get details of tasks completed on time, completed with delay, missed tasks, number of allocated tasks, and average delay duration. 

You will get real-time updates on every task thus you will be able to monitor the efficiency of the driver and fleet.

Benefits of having Job Dispatch

  1. Increased Productivity:  With Job Dispatch, you can add value to your time and let the system do all the work. Now easily plan and allocate all your work and tasks with ease. 
  2. Reduced Cost:  By proper planning make sure that no vehicles remain idled and utilize your vehicles to their full potential also manage job tasks of multiple vehicles which helps you to reduce your business cost.
  3. Reduced Stress:  No need to worry whether you have 1000 or 10,000 vehicles in your fleet. You won’t notice any stress while planning work for them using our job dispatch.