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Employee Commute Services made easy


Are you into employee transportation services?

If you are a business that offers transportation services to your employees, then this use case is for you. Recently at Uffizio, we designed an application that helps users track their employees’ commute trips and traveling distances. It starts with assigning QR codes to corporate vehicles. This functionality can be seen under the Object Overview Screen. Employees need to scan these before and after a trip using Uffizio’s application. Each employee is given a unique identification number with which they can log into the application. Once they scan the QR code, the trip status is set to start. Re-scanning the QR code will end the trip. The option to end the trip manually has also been provided.

This application gives business administrators real-time insights into employees’ commute status. Under employee reports, they’ll see the time and location of boarding and drop off. Along with this, businesses also get to know about driver violations like idling and overspeeding. Having rich data of his sort at your fingertips means having the access to unlimited savings. Knowing the commute path of every employee helps with route planning and vehicle allocation. Driver insights give way to better coaching. Thus, saving businesses plenty of time and money—while still taking good care of their employees.