School Bus Management

Student safety in school bus is now not a problem. Here, we present all the uses and features of school bus management system for you. Let’s get aware.

Trip through the driver app of SmartBus

Btrack Driver app of SmartBus is an efficient solution for helping the driver. It shows the route, takes attendance, trip schedule and more.

A Tour Through Parent App

SmartBus helps the parent to ensure the safety of the child. Know each and every tab in BTrack Parent App of SmartBus.

SmartBus – The Students’ Travel Caretaker

SmartBus is a school bus management system which is used students safety and for resolving the problem faced in the bus

How RFID works and how it makes student tracking simpler?

RFID, an acronym of radio frequency identification is a smart innovative technology that uses the radio frequency bandwidth to track a person or a thing.

Safety features of a school bus

Parents these days are highly concerned about their children’s safety and security. When it comes to their daily commute to the school, parents either depend on the school buses or manage it on their own.

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