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When the technology brings something new everyday how can you be unaware of it. Check the latest update to be in touch with the new technologies.

IFTA - International Fuel Tax Agreement

IFTA software helps to monitor the distance travelled, fuel purchased and fuel usage of the fleet. It automatically calculates IFTA by just adding some required data.

Voice Assistant to rule the telematics world soon

Advance technology in fleet supports inbuilt voice assistant for its operation. So, here we will see the existing and upcoming features of the voice assistant.

A perfect solution for rental fleet

TrakRide is a simplified and effective solution of the rental fleet company as it provides solutions for rent management and fleet tracking for easy business processing.

Did you notice the change in Trakzee Dashboard?

The advanced dashboard of Trakzee has new updates. This dashboard will enable customisation and also will simplify your work.

GPS Tracking For Vehicle Rental Business

Vehicle rental business is a very progressive and profitable in the telematics industry.Know the concerns and solutions for rental business with GPS.

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