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10 May, 2019

Car Theft in South Africa- Major issue to be solved

South Africa has been facing problem of car theft. We will talk about their problems and solutions by Trakzee. Trakzee has many features to help them....

15 April, 2019

Elections 2019 – Clear view with GPS Tracking System

When tracking meets election, results are more clear and justified.

24 March, 2019

Benefits of Tracking Software in the Government Sector

GPS tracking system has been a boon in all known sectors. When it comes to the government sector, this technology is used to increase the efficiency, comfort, quality and safety.

16 March, 2019

Pedal your way to a better future

This Portuguese friend wanted an advanced real-time GPS tracking software to track all the rented bikes. With our highly efficient fleet management software, Trakzee his demands where easily conceivable.

18 February, 2019

Telematics works – but only if data is managed

Telematics means machine-to-machine communication like telecommunications, fleet management, road safety transportation, computer science and many more IOT Solutions.

13 January, 2019

Things to consider when picking the IoT platform

An IoT platform is an integrated service that allows you the things you need to make physical objects online.

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