GPS Tracker

How will you track without tracker? So, know everything that you need to understand about GPS Trackers and their uses. Also know the alternative solution for tracking.

Uffizio announces the integration of New Teltonika Devices

Uffizio has integrated with new Telitonika devices, which are FMM640 and FMC640.

A life saving emergence help service.

The most useful button in case of emergency is SOS. SOS helps to get emergency aid for anyone by sending their location and message. Know more about SOS...

Are Black Box in Airplane and Car Similar?

Black box is the best eyewitness to any car accidents and plane crashes. But are they same or different, lets get the detailed information of these black boxes.

A Mandatory step of Public Transport Safety in India

AIS 140 is a mandatory government certified device that ensures commercial and public vehicle safety.

Speed up your GPS tracking hardware sales

Nowadays there are many GPS tracking company’s who selling good GPS tracking hardware, But there’s not expected sales result.

Tracker no #401 Integrated Successfully

Uffizio is pleased to announce that Toptraking have become our partner now. We look forward to work together.

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