Field Employee Monitoring

Think what a relief you will get if someone would keep a watch on your field employees as you can’t always be there, if it was possible, you will be able to manage the field task in a better way. This is possible with the field employee monitoring system. Get to know more by just scrolling down.

Have you heard about Worker TaskEye?

Worker Taskeye as its name suggests it keeps an eye on the task of workers. It mainly focuses on the safety of workers in a remote or dangerous area.

Leave Management is easy now with TaskEye

Field employee and manager can connect with leave management for easy leave process.

Are your employees efficient enough for your business?

An efficient employee helps to produce better products and this leads to business growth. Get an amazing solution for monitoring your field employees with TaskEye.

Field Employee Tracking Software in India | Taskeye

Field employee tracking software helps the small and large scale industry to track their field employee activity, work progress, and get a real-time location.

Field Employee Monitoring with TaskEye

TaskEye gives perfect software solutions to make on-field employee tracking much easier.

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