Uffizio provide unique solution for unique requirements

Uffizio established in India year 2000 with a purpose of developing software for the European market.

Uffizio Solution

About Uffizio

Uffizio established in India year 2000 with the purpose of developing software for the European market. Company’s main goal is to sell the product to B2B businesses. We provide a unique solution for customers’ unique requirements.

Why Our Solution is unique?

1. White label branding

If your company want to start a big fleet company and need a tracking platform than we provide you with white label branding that meets your requirements. they customize their software with your logo or trademark. we develop their software that completely suits your corporate identification.

2. Open for Customisation

Various customers have different demands with different scale and Uffizio knows that better. In order to accomplish even a tiny requirement, Uffizio offers open for customization in an application that can attach more worth to your trademark or product.

3. Multiple Language Support

When a user running any software or any application at that time language is the main subject. it really becomes harder for anyone to obtain without language selection. Uffizio developed software with multiple language support that enables the customer to translate the language into their own language.

4. Android /iOS application

Mobile Applications are supposed to be the most complete combination an Enterprise looks for because through Apps, they can reach a new audience also booster their current Sales significantly. It is no longer an alternative, in fact, it is a necessary basis.

uffizio has intense knowledge and expertise in android and IOS app development for all the significant categories of customers requirements.

5. Web App developments

Uffizio is a premier web application development company, they have been building quality web applications since 2000, consistently winning new insights into what makes a perfect web application. We focus always resides on how they can achieve the goals laid out in the most effective and user-friendly manner.

Web application development involves many steps, from high-level strategy, accurate plan, important research, business advising, design, programming, testing, and preparation. Through this complete process, uffizio remain pure and transparent with their clients without any misleading assurances. From day 1 our web application is business-ready.

Become a Uffizio partner to start your own business

You can also become a Uffizio partner that serves to boost your product sales and increase the product offerings that helps you to market your brand. Uffizio assists you to start your own GPS tracking business with new and innovative white-label software. Becoming a Uffizio partner that means collectively you can achieve numerous things. It provides high-quality co-operation with flexibility, effectiveness, and professionalism. Our GPS tracking platform gives scalable software structure and fast optimization system to meet the requirement for monitoring the moving assets like Car, School Bus, Shipping Vehicle, etc.

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